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Scyence Fyction: Ask Y ™ | Social Science Fiction News & Current Affairs

`"Good Science Fiction is actually Social Science Fiction. Technology is a reflection or an echo of what's happening socially." - Philip K. Dick.

Scyence Fyction: Ask Y ™ is the Future.cX network's upcoming hard-line news and current affairs portal for covering important social issues and stories about the direction and developments of society and the world at large - both in the present day and looking towards the future.

Whether you are interested in Science Fiction, science & technology or international current affairs, Scyence Fyction: Ask Y ™ is dedicated to delivering thought-provoking news, information and entertainment at the forefront of human ideas and our understanding of the natural world. Our mission is to keep people informed by asking that simple question: "Why?"

"Social Science Fiction is a subgenre of Science Fiction concerned less with technology and space opera and more with sociological speculation about human society. It absorbs and discusses anthropology and speculates about human behavior and interactions." -

Stay tuned: Internet News Portal coming soon.

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